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what's your favorite vamps song and your favorite lyric from that song?

i just really like golden

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well hello there. whats your fave arctic monkeys song? ( i know, thats a hard one right?)

that was mean and uncalled for, but probably ‘do i wanna know’

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ATP! Album Review: The Vamps - Meet The Vamps [x]

Trust us when we say you are literally going to want to meet The Vamps by the time you’re through giving their debut album a listen.

"I knew you were trouble when you walked in…" ⎪I Knew You Were Trouble Cover by The Vamps (x)



cutiemcvey asked:

Ayyyy have you done something about that boy yet? Jk just wondering

Nothing yet :/ I didn’t go to school on friday so

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The Vamps - Hurricane